Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ responses. If we haven't answered your question, please call us at our toll free number to speak with a representative.

Am I a participating provider?

Were you able to find yourself in our directory? If so, then yes. If you're still not sure, call us. One of our representatives will verify your participation status.

Are you an insurance company?

No, ACPN is not an insurance company. We're just the network. Our client base consists of Insurance Carriers, Third Party Administrators, Health and Welfare Funds, Self-Administered Employer Groups, Student Plans, Travel Plans, etc.

Is ACPN a discount card program?

No, ACPN is not a discount card program and does not participate in any discount card programs.

Where do I submit a completed Participating Provider Agreement?

Completed and signed Agreements may be submitted electronically to our General Manager at or via mail to our ACPN West office location.

How can I get a copy of my contract?

We would be happy to send you a copy of your contract. Please call us at our toll free number so that we can verify your identity and send a copy of your contract to you directly.

How can I verify if the updates I submitted for my practice have been completed?

Updates can be submitted to ACPN electronically at All updates are processed within 72 business hours. Upon submission you will receive a notification confirming receipt. A second notificaiton confirming completion will be sent from one of our representatives. You can verify this using our online directory to search for yourself or by contacting us at our toll free number.

Where can I find a listing of the payers accessing the network?

If you are a participating provider you can obtain a current listing of the payers accessing our network through our provider portal. If you are not currently participating or are having trouble logging in to the portal, please call us at our toll free number.

How do I verify eligibility and benefits?

Eligibility and benefits must be verified by the individual payer or plan. The informaiton needed to do so can be found on the members ID card.

How do I submit a claim?

Claims must be submitted directly to the payer. ACPN exchanges claims with our clients electronically. We apply your contracted reimbursement rate and return the claim to the payer for remittance.

How do I submit a payment inquiry?

Inquiries may be submitted electronically to or you may contact us at our toll free number. All inquiries are addresses within 24 business hours. To address a payment inquiry, we'll need a copy of the EOB, your reason for inquiring, and contact information so that we can get in touch with you.

Is this America's Choice Healthplans?

No, America's Choice Healthplans is a seperate entity. We just have a similar name.