why choose us?

What We Do

Provider Solution

ACPN contracts directly with healthcare providers of all types and specialties to establish simple and reliable healthcare access and reimbursement arrangements.

Here's why it matters:

  • Participation is free and it always will be
  • Payments are received in full directly from payers
  • Elimination of balance billing
  • Timelier claims adjudication and reduced probability of claim denials
  • Render services to a greater number of patients
  • Identification of ACPN on all EOBs and EORs or payment at the contracted rate is invalid
  • Expedited revenue cycles due to 30-day guaranteed reimbursement
  • Claims cannot be reduced further using reasonable and customary or bill review amounts
Payer Solution

ACPN offers payers an established national network of healthcare providers of all types and specialties at pre-determined access and reimbursement arrangements.

Accessing our network allows for expedited claims adjudication with significant savings, increased payment acceptance and extension of coverage for members at a national level.

Additionally, ACPN offers client-customized provider recruiting. This approach to contracting allows us to converse directly with payers and providers to determine which providers would be most valuable to payers and patients, and which providers would benefit most from a relationship with ACPN.

Patient Solution

ACPN extends coverage for patients at pre-determined access and reimbursement arrangements.

What does this mean?

  • Access to additional healthcare providers at a national level
  • Increased access to local providers when working, traveling, or living out-of-area
  • Elimination of balance billing
  • Lesser out-of-pocket expense
  • Consistent payment of claims by payers at rates that do not vary from visit to visit or from service to service.